Outreach Assessment

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Outreach Assessment (OA) is an objective, evidence based, adult and juvenile screening instrument or test. It is designed for screening (assessment or evaluation) and, as warranted, referral for intervention or treatment. This important service is provided for private practitioners, psychologists, rural mental health providers, community agencies, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's) and others. In other words, Outreach Assessment meets the need for a brief, yet meaningful adult and juvenile screening test.

Outreach Assessment

Outreach Assessment identifies client (respondent) resistance and denial, anger issues, substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse and stress management deficits. Outreach Assessment consists of 105 items and takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Tests are scored online (www.online-testing.com) with printed reports available within 2 ½ minutes of data (test answers) entry.

Intervention Checklist

The Intervention Checklist lists 36 mental health, education and treatment programs that are available in most communities. Clientís (respondentís) check Intervention Checklist items that they want to participate in (or continue participating in). Client answers to Checklist items increase staff awareness of client's self-perceived concerns, problems and needs. It is the client's opinion, with all their biases, that usually initiates treatment.

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Outreach Assessment Scales
1. Truthfulness Scale
2. Anger-Violence Scale
3. Alcohol Scale
4. Drugs Scale
5. Stress Mgmt. Scale
*Intervention Checklist
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